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Volunteer Recruitment


1.    Requirements:

(1) Knowledge and interest in arts & culture and museum (prior majoring in art or history);
(2) oral communication skills in Mandarin or English;
(3)19—30 years old。
(4)voluntary compliance with the regulations of CIDM;

(5)available for volunteer position no less than 3 hours per week

2.    Responsibilites:
    • provide basic information and docent for visitors
    •assist the staff in guiding visitors

    •assist the staff in inspect the exhibition halls and in preventing irregularity of visitors

    •assist the museum in education of visitors

    •report to the staff the moment discovering various potential safety hazard

    •assist the staff in the reception and Consultation of visitors

3.    How to reply:
   Please fill up the application form online. Only those candidates considered for an interview will be contacted via phone.