About the Institute of Bauhaus

In order to explore the value of the Bauhaus collection, China Academy of Art applied to the Hangzhou government for establishing the Institute of Bauhaus. The mayor of Hangzhou Mr. SHAO Zhan Wei and the president of CAA Mr. XU Jiang granted the license for the Institute of Bauhaus on May 9th 2011. Mr. XU said that the establishment of the Institute of Bauhaus has started a creative revolution in China through introducing the thoughts from the source of creativity after China introduced the technology from the West. In the same year, CAA enrolled the first PhD student on the study of “Bauhaus and the world heritage of design”. CAA announced the appointment of Prof. HANG Jian, an expert on the Bauhaus, as the director of the Institute of Bauhaus on March 1st 2012. The Institute of Bauhaus has already formulated a three-year plan on research, education and exhibitions.


The Institute of Bauhaus in CAA is devoted to the research, management and presentation of the collections centering on the Bauhaus, the operation of the Bauhaus museum for the collections, preparation for the establishment of the China International Design Museum, training researchers in this field, products development based on the demands of the manufacturing industry in Zhejiang Province and the cultural and creative industries in China.