Bauhaus and Creativity

Organizer: China Academy of Art (CAA)
Co-organizer: Bauhaus Institute / China Design Museum of CAA
Support: C Foundation / China National Art Foundation (established on 2014)
Project Promoter: Hang Jian
Directors: Zhang Chunyan / Wang Yang
Translators: Wang Yun / Gao Miye
Designer: Zhou Xiangli
Co-ordinators: Liang Fanglei / Han Wei


ShuiAnShanJu Resort , China Academy of Art

Conference Theme


The theme of the event is “Bahaus and Creativity”, including “Bauhaus and Creativity” conference, Bauhaus Institute annual meeting and Bauhaus workshop. The target of the conference is to discuss the source of the creativity of Bauhaus as “laboratory”; How to stimulate this kind of creativity in the contemporary design education? How to discuss the influence of the Bauhaus education on the creativity through exhibition, workshop and performance?


The guests invited for the conference include Bauhaus historian, design historian, intercultural researcher, design educator, curator and the practitioners from the corresponding organizations.


History and Present

One way to activate the Bauhaus heritage is to reactivate the creativity of art and design. What’s the meaning of the historical creations of Bauhaus for the current creations? Are there any failing or ignored inventions of Bauhaus enlightening the current creations besides the well-known ones? The cultural traditions, the reflections for the reality and the Utopianism are the foundations of Bauhaus creativity. From that period of time till now, it has long been a question about how to deal with the three elements to make them interactive.


The principal spokesmen to be invited: Bauhaus historian, design historian


Interdisciplinary and Integration

As a “cultural platform”, Bauhaus advocated to step over the “spirits and materials”, artists and handicrafts, and national boundaries and ethnic culture to integrate technology and art, as well as to combine the different fields and subjects of social discourse construction, education, architecture and industrial production. Interdisciplinary is not a new word now. However, with the emerging of the new subjects and new fields, are there any new possibilities for interdisciplinary? Will there be any new creative ideas if we survey Bauhaus from the aspect of different subjects?


The principal spokesmen to be invited: crossing culture researcher, curator


Perceptive Imagination and Design Education

As a design school, Bauhaus has some creativity in both educational thoughts and methods. How do the cultivation of perceptivity and imagination and the rational power in actions interact with each other? How can these powers reactivate in the design education of both inside and outside of the contemporary school?


The principal spokesmen to be invited: design educator, representatives from the museum and the other corresponding organization